London Undercover: The Technology Special

As some of you may know I have been working on a factual documentary series called London Undercover for the past six months. The series includes three specials on Religion, Technology and Knife Crime in London.

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 18th of July) the Technology special will be airing on London Live at 7pm – set your reminders! I presented the show and also co-produced alongside the fantastic Francesca Nicholls who was the over-all producer. I had initially pitched doing a show about technology because I love learning about new innovations and the stories behind them. I met engineers, professors, technology advocates and a fair few robots! Check out the trailer for the show below.

Having worked in finance technology I wanted to explore how the payments industry was being affected. Enter Fingopay; the new payment technology that allows you to pay by using your finger – the exciting thing about this is that it is not done by using your finger print but by using your unique vein structure.

We also explored the history of technology in London; sewage systems and the tech behind (or, rather, underneath!) Tower Bridge. It was fascinating to learn how the bridge lifts previously and currently works and why it was changed. The history of technology was an important feature for the show as I really wanted to show the viewers that technology is not just flashing lights and robots, but that the evolution of technology is immense and extremely interesting.

Andrew G Haldane, the Chief Economist and Executive Director of Monetary Analysis and Statistics at the Bank of England has said that ’15 million are at risk’ in the UK of being taken over by a robot/machine which is a concern that was investigated in the show as well. This concern is not just restricted to the UK but it is a fear across the globe. Even something as simple as the machine that resets bowling pins has taken away a job once done by people. With driverless cars on the horizon, this question regarding the safety of jobs – such as taxi drivers or delivery drivers – is an important one. I discuss driverless cars in more detail here.

London Undercover: The Technology Special was so much fun to create and I feel quite overwhelmed by the fact I, along with my team, have created such an interesting show on a subject that I truly adore. I really hope you enjoy watching it!

*I do not own the featured image. Source: Huffington Post

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